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10 th Anniversary Journey to Isenge village Zambia

Tuesday the 17th of Oct

Flights depart from Helsinki 4 pm, 4.30 pm and 5 pm via London and Brussels.

Wednesday the 18th of Oct

Arrival to Ndola 3 pm.

We will stay at the Urban Hotel nearby Ndola center. First evening we board at the house and we can also visit the local Shoprite to buy all needed items.

Welcome party at the house.

Thursday the 19th of Oct

Breakfast at the hotel.

Preparing ourselves for the anniversary celebration and visiting the city center. If transportation can be arranged we can visit also the Dag Hammarskiöld Memorial Museum.

Friday the 20th of Oct

Breakfast at the hotel.

10th Anniversary celebration at the village at 1 pm. Everyone has to take the passport because they can be checked at the control point before the village.

The programme of the celebration will be published separately.

Saturday the 21st of Oct

Early breakfast at the house.

Bus transportation to Lusaka. About 5 hours.

Lodging at Lusaka Backpackers very near to the center of the town.

Dinner at the Lodge.

Sunday the 22nd of Oct

Breakfast at the Lodge.

Free day.

Guided tour the nearest shopping mall and the main street of Lusaka.

Meeting with Mr James Musonda and Celvin Nachuma.

Monday the 23rd of Oct

Breakfast at the Lodge.

Visit to the Embassy of Finland. Presents from Vesilahti Community.

In the evening a concert at our lodge. The staff of the Finnish Embassy in invited.

Tuesday the 24th of Oct

Early breakfast at the Lodge.

Bus transportation to Livingstone.

We will stay at the Jollyboys.

Dinner at the local city restaurant.

Wednesday the 25th of Oct

Guided tour to the Livinsgtone Museum. Material for History and Geography lessons class 7.

Visiting the Victoria Falls.

A short visit to Zimbabve is also possible. You have to apply for an extra vica for this tour at the border. About 50 $.

Thursday the 26th of Oct

Early breakfast at the Jollyboys.

Departure to the overnight safari in Botswana. We stay over night at the luxury tents in the bushes. Remember to take your passport with you. Material for History and Geography lessons class 7.

Lunch after arriving to Botswana.

Safari through the Zambesi River. 3 hours.

Safari in Chobe area. 3 hours.

Break at the tents.

Evening safari 2 hours.
Dinner in the darkness in front of the tents. Special instruction about the clothing.

Friday the 27th of Oct

Early breakfast at the camp.

Departure to the harbour and arriving Jollyboys about 11 am.

The rest of the day is free.

Saturday the 28th of Oct

Relaxing at the pool.

Sunday the 29th of Oct

Bus transportation to Lusaka.       

Our plan is to enjoy the rest of the journey at a very cosy hotel next to the Main Bus Station.

Monday the 30th of Oct

Preparations for the departure and party with local friends. Discussion with the representative of the Lusaka University Hospital Mr Nachuma about the 25th anniversary celebration of the Vesilahti Lower Secondary School the 10th of Nov. He has the mainspeech at the celebration.

Tuesday the 31st of Oct

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to the airport at 9 am.



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