kirjoitettu 18.4.2017 Isengen kylässä

Our beloved Father Isenge,

How are you, Ftaher? We miss you so much! It is a long time since we talked to you or send short messages to you. It has become so expensive here in Zambia to send letters abroad or short messages. The messages we try to send always show "failed". But we thank our Heavenly Father for you and Rachel, for using whatsup. We receive all the messages through Rachel.

We really thank you, and all the beloved helpers from Finland, may our Heavenly Father continue blessing you and keeping you safe and long life, so that many can be helped, especially in Africa. Thanks very much!

Greetings to our beloved Mother Isenge, Chris, Anna Penala Trevor, Anja and Olli of course not forgeting my beloved Friend Tuula and many others. Isenge is enjoying all the blessings from Finland (Vesilahti).

What!!! The cow has been bought with all the requirements. The community is svery thankful, the children at school are more than happy to receive the nutritional helpfrom you, some commented that their children  are out of nutritional poverty. Thank God for Finnish peoplewho are doing all the best to help our country Zambia.

The Shopping Mall is doing well, people appreciate the hard work.

Moro Beauty Saloon&Barber Shop is also in good process.

Thanks many times for all the projects at Isenge.

Free Range Chicken project: It is still active, we are passing on the gift to other women in Oct/Nov 2017. Most of the women are now keeing chicken which is helping them to eradicate poverty in young children also adults. Meat is expensive in Zambia but as we are keeping chicken, we eat at least twice or three times in a month.

Patience Tailoring School: Most women are gratuated even if they don´t own their own sewing machines at  least they can cut the material and sew the items they need. One machine is already at the Pellina Shopping Mall. I am doing mending and sewing materials for adults and children at an affordable price. 

I remember when Jomo and I came to Finland to talked about  helping us with the materials for sewing dresses or shirts, anyway you are doing all the bestfor us, we thank God.

We are thinking projects which can sustain us, that even if youstopped founding us the projects will help the community thusif they work hard and care for all the projects.

We thank you even for the Nurse! You have prioduced a product for our healthy.

This year the ploughing of maize was not very succesful because we had a disaster, army worms which were eating the hearth of teh maize before it even tussels. But lucky enough our Government acted quickly by spraying. It was bad around the Copperbelt area. Anyway it was not very bad. But other crops like beans, groundnuts, sweet potatoes are growing well. I have cultivate two lima groundnuts , three lima beans and one lima sweet potatoes.

The rains stopped in the last week of March but it is back in the second week of April.It rains in some places alternatively. We cannot start harvesting since the rain has not stopped.

The schools are on holidays, they will start in the secnd week of May 2017.

The school children are looking forward to welcome you when you come in October 2017.

The Church singers will welcome you with songs.

There will be football from youths, also women will do the pass on gift (chickens).

There will be also some souvenirs.

The Nurse is very happy. Her coming to Finland is a great success in her life. We are telling her that she will enjoy the visit because we know how kind the Finnish people are.

May God continue blessing the Finnish Government for the people of Finnish Government are good and caring.

Hope the Nurse will enjoy her visit, I knowshe will come back with the blessings - Amen!

Today the 19th we are at the airport of Ndola, escorting Rachel with Jomo and four kids.

Buy for now, your Daughter,



Dear Mr Tapani,

I am so pleased to have this opportunity of writing to you after so long time.

Greetings to all of our Finnish friends. I should proudly say we are very thankful for what you are doing. You have been persistently helping us since 2007 and things have really changed in the village. We thank all Isenge Club members for the great work and we only pray that our Almighty God will prosper you and bless you so much.

The rain season is now over. We have had good rains this year and our crops have done well despite having Army worms that attacked maize. We shall have good harvest of groundnuts and sweet potatoes.

We got money for the cow project for the school and we are thankful. We got the animal that did cost us K9000. The animal should take another year to have a calf and that´s when the children can start having milk.

We also thank you for the barbershop money which you have sent, we shall put in good use so that we open the Shop quickly.

We are eagerly waiting to see you in October. Communications have been so bad that letters even take one year to reach.

We are now trying with Pellina to learn urgently how we can start communicating to you using whatsup.

May the Almighty God bless you so much and please greet your Mother and Mother Isenge (Salokanga) and then everybody.

Thank you!